stage 2: anger

did you think you experienced all of me? you’re wrong. what you don’t know is that i’ve already begun my next life. you see, unlike you, hurt doesn’t shrink me, and i am not afraid to expand. you will never enjoy all of me. how could you even keep up? you think we’re in different life stages? you don’t even know how long of a way you have to go. but best of luck trying to get there.

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i deserve the love i want. i deserve clarity and certainty. the next time i fall in love, i won’t need to convince myself of it. it will just be the plain truth. i won’t need to write roundabout prose

no one’s perfect but you are very good

people say they want love when they mean passion. love when they mean comfort. love when they mean companion. i’m learning that it all counts. all’s fair in love and well, there are no set rules. if t