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i'm sorry

thank you for lifting my soul

thank you for making me happy,

i haven't felt light in forever.

you reminded me how it feels to only need to show up

no pressure.

i'm sorry i let you down.

i'm sorry i left,

the way so many people have left me.

it never made sense to me why someone had to leave.

i just want you to know that i know exactly what that feels like.

i'm so sorry.

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each time i find myself creating new love is another time that i learn i never really lost it. it exists in me forever, pushing the boundaries of my heart until i am heavy and empty at the same time.

i deserve the love i want. i deserve clarity and certainty. the next time i fall in love, i won’t need to convince myself of it. it will just be the plain truth. i won’t need to write roundabout prose

no one’s perfect but you are very good

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