from a writer trying to write

words are really so powerful. writing is magic that we take for granted— you are literally pulling intangible thoughts into reality. something imperceptible becomes real.

well, i've always been a believer in magic.

p.s. you can also read a little more about me in the "about" section overhead :)



i’ve read that mothers and daughters are born in cycles—learning and unlearning until they find a way free from the wounds of...

love song

the graze of your fingers on my brow, your light strokes and touches around my face. my favorite lullaby.


i see you in everything—the sun slanting into the back seat of my car, the way a stranger’s neck flows into their left shoulder at...

anxiety sucks

i am in my room on my knees choked with tears i can’t see breaths shallow only throat deep i submit to the panic attack and let it fuck me.


i miss everyone i’ve ever dated. is that weird to say? i don’t miss them in the way the french say, “tu me manques,” as in “you are...


lately the sun has been calling out to me. i’m baffled at this because i’ve spent a lot of effort establishing an entire personality off...


being a woman is beautiful– to give life over and over again not just to a child, but to ourselves we die and come back all the time. we...

full moon

04-30-2020 the thing i miss most about the people i used to hang out with is that whatever fuckin demons were haunting me, were haunting...

Shang-Chi but not really

I just watched the newest Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and I was blown away by the authenticity of the...


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