from a writer trying to write

words are really so powerful. writing is magic that we take for granted— you are literally pulling intangible thoughts into reality. something imperceptible becomes real.

well, i've always been a believer in magic.

p.s. you can also read a little more about me in the "about" section overhead :)



every year, my heart keeps cracking open. there has been so much feeling of meaning and an equal amount of reminder that it’s all so, so...


people say they want love when they mean passion. love when they mean comfort. love when they mean companion. i’m learning that it all...


people say that labels box you in, but there is also a freedom in being able to find the perfect descriptor for yourself. having the...

i'm sorry

thank you for lifting my soul thank you for making me happy, i haven't felt light in forever. you reminded me how it feels to only need...

stage 2: anger

did you think you experienced all of me? you’re wrong. what you don’t know is that i’ve already begun my next life. you see, unlike you,...


sometimes, when it’s cold enough that the wind bites me, i wish i could give all the parts of myself away. the parts that smell of ash in...

i have died again

as it was happening, i was noticing how familiar it felt. while my body was panicking and my mind was spinning my heart was calm. we’ve...

how to love yourself

close the door dim the light carefully strip down trace your fingers over your skin touch every part of yourself go slower on the parts...


may 6, 2020 do you ever face a part of yourself that unsettles you so much you don’t know what to do with it? it feels like everything...


looking at you, i felt still. and it’s because you moved me.

it comes in waves

waves in the form of smiles i can’t control waves of flames licking at my walls melting them waves in the ecstasy of skin and breath and...

"bad things"

it's so crazy how this song is burned into my mind. i can still smell the crisp morning chill as i got into your car after our first...

my type

unreliable dishonest full of faults i fill their empty promises with my love.


kings watch civilizations burn for their heartbreak women just burn.

i hate him

i hate him. this thought passes through my mind approximately 18 times a day. for every intrusive memory i still get of us, i hate him....


sometimes i feel like everything i touch turns to dust


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